Teaching & Learning at The Chalk Hills Academy

We deliver an excellent quality of Teaching and Learning at The Chalk Hills Academy but are ceaselessly working to further improve. We use a number of publications, lesson visits, department reviews and frequent meetings with senior colleagues to ensure that the curriculum we offer is challenging and provides our students with the knowledge and skills that will be vital for them.

Our teachers believe that a consistent, engaging and memorable experience is crucial in secondary education. Every lesson begins with ‘Bell-Work’, a memory retrieval activity that ensures that lessons start in a calm and orderly way to support student focus and attention on the lesson. The questions are based on knowledge that has been previously learnt and helps students settle into the lesson. Our opening lesson slide also includes a ‘Driving Question’ which is the focus of the lesson and key vocabulary that will also be taught and discussed. This is a common feature in all classroom based lessons and we find that students quickly become accustomed to this practice and it has proved to be highly successful There is an example from a Year 7 History lesson pictured below. Can you answer all the questions?

Staff often visit each other’s lessons to reflect on the quality of education our students receive and to provide feedback to colleagues. We have a different focus each half term, including behaviour and relationships, planning, and questioning. We also recognise that teachers are experts in their field, so as well as developing our skills as teachers we also invest in developing our own subject knowledge, so that we are able to share high-quality content in all our lessons.

Part of our review of Teaching and Learning includes pupil panels, where students are able to offer their views about the quality of education they receive and every child is encouraged to respond to our termly questionnaire which lets us see what every student in the Academy thinks about their lessons and academic progress. Teaching and Learning is our main business at The Chalk Hills Academy, and everyone has input to ensure we constantly improve.